PROF.Rajab Ali Borzooei

Department of Mathematics Shahid Beheshti University

What Is My Field Of Work

The word of mathematics is large enough to have many branches . Algebra is one of the attractive branches of mathematics , which is the field of my study. Meanwhile, with the discovery of fuzzy science a combination of algebra and fuzzy forms the basis of the study of servitude. Here is a brief overview of the field of work for public study

اسلاید یک

جهت ثبت نام به دانشگاه مراجعه نمایید

مدارک مورد نیاز ثبت نام :

  • سري کپي شناسنامه و کارت ملي
  • اصل مدرک دوره قبل
  • 6قطعه عکس 4*3
  • سري کپي برابر اصل کارت پايان خدمت( در صورت وجود)

جهت ثبت نام به دانشگاه مراجعه نمایید

اسلاید دو

اسلاید دو

What happens next?

Only knowledge of science in not enough, but it’s important to know what the application of these branches of mathematics is in the world around us

Educational goals

I and my student are trying to remove mathematics from a purely theoretical state and apply it more practically and use it in various sciences

Iranian Journal of Fuzzy Systems

The two-monthly Iranian Journal of Fuzzy Systems (IJFS) aims to provide an international forum for refereed original research works in the theory and applications of fuzzy sets and systems in the areas of foundations, pure mathematics, artificial intelligence, control, robotics, data analysis, data mining, decision making, finance and management, information systems, operations research, pattern recognition and image processing, soft computing and uncertainty modeling. Manuscripts submitted to the IJFS must be original unpublished work and should not be in consideration for publication elsewhere

Areas of expertise

All educational activities , research in the form of separate sections are below and we have tried to include in each section a comprehensive infomation of each section

Annual Fuzzy Conferance



Grafuate Students

PhD Students